Add a Clear and Attractive Path to Your Property

Learn about our hardscaping services in Gaithersburg, MD

Is your property missing a clear walkway for guests? Maybe it needs a new stairway for your porch or deck. Either way, hardscaping services from Wainwright's Lawn & Garden, LLC can solve your problem. We design and install walkways and stairways for residential and commercial properties in Gaithersburg, MD.

We can guide you through the entire design aspect. You can completely customize your walkway and stairway so that they seamlessly flow with the rest of your property.

Learn more about our walkway and stairway hardscaping services by contacting us today. We work with pavers, stone and veneer to match any budget and style.

Why install a walkway or stairway?

Why install a walkway or stairway?

Do you have a makeshift stairway that's a major eyesore? Do your guests have to walk through the grass when they cross your property? If so, you should build a custom walkway or stairway. A new feature like that can:

  • Provide a nice and clear path for guests to safely walk on
  • Boost your curb appeal and property value
  • Make your property look neater

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