Make a Splash in Gaithersburg, MD

Create a backyard paradise by installing water features on your property

Want to transform your backyard in the Gaithersburg, MD area into a luxurious personal oasis? The pros at Wainwright's Lawn & Garden, LLC can help you achieve the serene atmosphere you want by installing water features. A landscape design specialist will build a gorgeous and fully functional water feature that's sure to make your yard stand out.

Reach out today to get an estimate on a variety of water features.

The possibilities are practically endless

The possibilities are practically endless

Our experienced team can add depth and dimension to your yard with water features like:

Fountains-to add a splash of fun to your yard.
Decorative ponds-to make your yard more serene.
Disappearing waterfalls-to create an elegant look.

The features we build are made of natural-looking materials and can be added to a pond or built without one.

Find out how a landscape design professional can enhance the value and appearance of your property in the Gaithersburg, MD area. Call 301-421-9567 now to get started.